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LiLa Portal - Students' Guide

 You, as a student, will rarely have direct contact with LiLa itself. Typically, your lecturer will provide all the experiments you need to run for your homework or exam in the learning management system of your university. There are a few important caveats to this:


This is an instruction for you to enter a booking code. Booking codes work like tickets for trains or busses: You get one ticket valid for one ride from your teacher, and the ticket then allows you to make a reservation on the experiment. A single reservation, not multiple ones. Your teacher should have provided you a booking code at the beginning of the lecture, probably by writing the code to the board, or by providing it in the learning management system.

If the experiment is not on your LMS, or you just want to play a bit...

... you are of course invited to browse through the huge list of experiments on the LiLa portal. For that, open the link to the portal in your browser and click on the Explore button on the page:


This button provides a list of all experiments on LiLa, and allows you to locate experiments you might be interested in. As in your learning management system, experiments are not always freely available, and some of them require booking, so you might need the help of your teacher to obtain a booking code. search-mask