LiLa Content

The following list represents the initial content to be integrated into the LiLa environment. The project is open for additional content providers.




Content Provider

VideoEasel Laboratory for statistical mechanics, about 90 experiments (magnetism, lattice gas, population dynamics, oscillating reactions...) Virtual Lab Rechenzentrum Universität Stuttgart
Remote Farm 16 experiments (magnetism, electrical oscillator, Raman-Spectroscopy...) Remote Experiments Technische Universität Berlin
Cambridge Weblabs Two setups: combustion flame experiment & reactor web-lab Remote Experiments University of Cambridge
SRM web-suite Combustion engine simulations Simulations Computational Modelling Cambridge Ltd.
LTFN Optical properties of thin films, Nanomechanical properties of thin films, Nanotopography Remote Experiments Aristotle University Thessaloniki
NanoWorld Six setups: Virtual pharmacy experiments, electro chemistry, fluorescent dipoles, atomic flat silicon surfaces... Virtual Experiments Universität Basel
NanoWorld Nine setups: Remote atomic force microscope, data acquisition of sensors, harmonic oscillator,... Remote Experiments Universität Basel
OMNotebook An electronic notebook based on the programming language Modelica, suitable for Multi-domain acausal simulations, e.g any type of system that can be described by coupled differential equations (flight simulation, racing car, robots, automatic gearbox and many more) Simulations Linköpings Universitet
MathModelica  Platform suitable for modeling and simulation of dynamic multi-engineering and life science systems. Simulations MathCore Linköping