SRM web-suite (CMCL)


Screenshot 1The CMCL ‘SRM web-suite’ offers students authentic experiences with state-of-the-art engine design tools that simulate fuels, combustion, and emissions in conventional and advanced internal combustion engines. CMCL’s unique technology underlying these tools allows detailed simulations to be carried out in a timeframe that is suitable for an educational environment. The SRM web-suite can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using a web interface, and supports a wide range of educational goals and pedagogical methods. Screenshot 2For example, it can be used in undergraduate courses on combustion or chemical reaction engineering as well as advanced courses in futuristic fuels and powertrain engineering. The low-cost of running simulations, both in time and money, allows for exploratory learning in addition to guided instruction or demonstrations.

Currently, CMCL offers two instructional modules using the ‘SRM web-suite’. “Influence of engine speed, load, and compression ratio on combustion in engines” provides fundamental instruction on the effect of various engine parameters on combustion and ultimately performance and regulated emissions. Screenshot 3“Homogenous reactor modelling for advanced combustion engines” is the second module, which teaches students about advanced combustion modes and the impact of fuel characteristics on performance and emissions. Students can learn through exploration by adjusting parameters, running simulations, and seeing the effects; guided exercises are also provided to reinforce the relationships that students observe in their own experimentation.

For more information, please visit the SRM web-suite website.