LiLa Workplan

5/18-5/20/2009 LiLa Kick-Off Meeting
LiLa project meeting in Basel
8/14/2009 LiLa project website and multimedia presentation online (D6.2, D6.8)
8/14/2009 Didactical task analysis ready (M3.1)
10/1-10/2/2009 LiLa project meeting in Delft
10/14/2009 Prototypical implementation of collaborative tools, group management and access control available (M2.3)
11/14/2009 Contract templates for external content contributors available (M6.7)
11/14/2009 Interfaces to group management, tutoring system, and service discovery ready (M2.1)
12/14/2009 A suitable meta-data set for annotation of experiments is defined (M4.2)
1/14/2010 Documentation of meta-data set defining the experiments ready (D4.1)
1/14-1/15/2010 LiLa project meeting in Munich
4/14/2010 A prototypical server implementing all interfaces ready for evaluation (M2.4)
4/14/2010 Remote experiments prototypically embedded into virtual world (M4.1)
5/14/2010 Trainig material for undergraduate physics remote experiments and virtual laboratories available (M6.3)
May/June 2010 LiLa Conference 2010
6/14/2010 A multi-lingual version of tutoring system is available (M3.3)
7/14/2010 Search results are represented in the central system, link resolver is implemented (M4.4)
10/14/2010 Technical evaluation of existing components completed (M5.2)
2/14/2011 Training material for specialised courses (nano-physics, etc.) available (M6.4)
2/14/2011 Integration of remote experiments into common access control module (M4.3)
2/14/2011 Three-dimensional immersion of selected experiments & labs completed (M4.5)
5/14/2011 Guidelines for curriculum integration available (D6.6)
May 2011 LiLa Conference 2011