MathModelica (MathCore Linköping)

Based on the Modelica language, MathModelica is a platform suitable for modeling and simulation of dynamic multi-engineering and life science systems. MathModelica comes with a customizable set of Modelica component libraries and provides an environment for modeling, simulation, analysis, and documentation. With MathModelica it is possible not only to optimize your tests and experiments, but also to study phenomena that would otherwise be hard to understand. MathModelica is useful in a variety of areas, such as modeling and simulation in the automotive and aircraft industries, robotics, complex machinery, and life science. For more information about MathModelica see:

Within the context of the LiLa project MathModelica will provide teachers as well as students the ability to easily create models and simulations of dynamic multi-engineering systems. Support for easy publishing of created models and simulations as virtual experiments within the LiLa framework (Wonderland and possibly as 2D applets) will be developed during the project.


Example: Two coupled pendulums as a MathModelica model.

coupled pendulum simulation